Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got the urge for going

The operational definition of "got the urge for going" is when dirty clothes go into the suitcase rather than to the laundry. Also, I've been feeling poorly the last several days, am only starting to make short forays out into the gorgeous BsAs sunshine, and am getting thoroughly bored with the Kindle. I want a real book, some schlocky Spanish sci-fi or mystery. (Although I gave up on one such when magic swords suddenly appeared out of nowhere in downtown Madrid. What's this thing about swords? Is it Freudian, or is sometimes a sword just a cigar?)

School has started after the summer vacation. My apartment window looks out on the enclosed center area of this particular block, portions allocated to a parking garage, private gardens, and the playground of a local colegio - a Catholic boys school. BsAs is a very noisy town. I'm going to miss it.

Weather report says that Wednesday and Thursday should be fine in BsAs and Boston.

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